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We are a Travel Agency which works with receptive Tourism from Santa Cruz de la Sierra to the whole Bolivia
“PASO WEB” (Assistance Program for Organized Systems by Internet)
“PASO WEB” was founded in 2001 with the vision of becoming an operator services company offering consultancies that satisfies in quick time and gives a special service to meet the expectations of the needs of individuals and institutions with goals set by customers. In 2015 is consolidated as a travel operator. It organizes rides, trips and excursions in different geographical areas and with different thematic, satisfying the interests of tourists who want to enjoy nature, adventure, hiking, interaction with local communities, culture, history, relaxation and convalescence of medical treatments, among other demands.
The mission of “PASO WEB ” is to achieve a leadership role as a travel operator. It organizes cultural and environmental events that have positive direct and indirect impacts and multiplier effects for sustainable socio-economic development of society. The work of “PASO WEB” revaluates the local attractions and providing conditions to know them and enjoy them in a sustainable manner for tourism. The local host population develops self-esteem values about what is Bolivia much as tourists from whatever they are. Offer an experience that make tourist want to come back again and again recommending their friends and others their good experiences in Bolivia.
The vision of “PASO WEB” is to become an effective and efficient manner to reduce the level of stress of everyday life, for both foreign and national compatriot tourists. Experience that brings the positive spirit to tourists to enjoy the beauty, riches, culture, history, anthropology, flora, fauna, mining, gas and landscapes of Bolivia through walks and excursions.
“PASO WEB” follows the orientation of the slogan “Bolivia is waiting you!” As part of the tourist security. We organize circuits, trips and excursions to make pleasant the tourist stay with the best of our service. And give him a cordial treatment like at home. Our principal responsibility is offer comfort at the best price. We know that security is the most important point to choose a destination for leisure time and recreation. The tourist will know that their stay in Bolivia will pass on a space without risks because we take care about life protection, health, physical, psychological and economic integrity of visitors. Our service providers and members of host communities will give you conform responsible and sustainable tourism.

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