Vacations in Bolivia

5 Days in Bolivia to visit  Uyuni Salt Flats  and Incahuasi Cactus Island, Geisers, Laguna Colorada with pink flamingos, Stone Tree in Siloli Desert in the west side of Bolivia. And in the east side of Bolivia you will visit Santa Cruz de la Sierra city and Samaipata Archeological UNESCO Heritage World 10 Days in Bolivia… Continue Reading

Sandboarding- trekking – Observation of Flora and Fauna in “Lomas de Arena”

The “Lomas de Arena” are in the south of Santa Cruz de la Sierra city. The “lomas de arena” are sand humps which are near to Santa cruz de la Sierra city. Around these sand mounds receiving water ponds in the rainy season form. These waters are natural water fountains for migratory birds that rest… Continue Reading

Rappel in “Jardin de las Delicias”

The word Amboro comes from a leyend about a tribe leader who become in a mountain. The national park Amboró is in a place called “codo de los Andes” and is formed by mountains of arsenical rocks. The vegetation cover is all that protects from erosion. Heat and high humidity are constant elements in the… Continue Reading

An intense day of adventure in the waterfall Ahlfeld in Noel Kempff Mercado National Park with plane landing in “Piso Firme”

On 1906, the president of the British Royal Geographical Society held talks with Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett. The conversation was referring to the great economic potential of South America. The president of the British Royal Geographical Society placed a map in front of the Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett and said, “Look at this area! It’s… Continue Reading

Military work outs and boas to find in Montero near to Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Integrated in the department of Santa Cruz to 50 km from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra north you are the Manchego Regiment ceased to be Ranger battalion and specialty becomes calendering. Regiment environments let you military exercises. On January 7, 2014 a boa three meters that had just given birth to 60… Continue Reading

A full day at the Majestic and enigmatic arqueollógico Tunupa site mummies Alcaya

In the Ladislao Cabrera province of Oruro province bordering South Lipez Potosi is the majestic volcano Thunupa. Ladislao Cabrera is a province of the Department of Oruro which is southwest of the Department of Oruro, bordering south with Potosí and has a population of 14,851 inhabitants. It consists of two municipalities: Salinas de Garci Mendoza… Continue Reading

The amazing Torotoro

This trip to the National Park Toro Toro is to venture while relaxing. Venture because it places with long walks, descents and climbs through rocky terrain, etc. Tours that leave visitors breathless, but the tours have their rewards because the places are truly paradisiacal. On the other hand in the Park are places to rest,… Continue Reading

Legendary Chipaya culture (2 days and 1 night)

Oruro region keeps alive the ancient culture chipaya, since the time of pre-Inca period and even pre-pre-Tiahuanaco Aymara. The chipayas live in a small recognized by the Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia territory. The departure from the city of Oruro is in the morning. After 3.5 hours you arrive at the Chipaya town… Continue Reading

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