Military work outs and boas to find in Montero near to Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Integrated in the department of Santa Cruz to 50 km from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra north you are the Manchego Regiment ceased to be Ranger battalion and specialty becomes calendering. Regiment environments let you military exercises.

On January 7, 2014 a boa three meters that had just given birth to 60 babies was found in the town of Montero, near the headquarters of the Manchego regiment. The snakes were temporarily transferred to an animal protection, but later were to be reinserted in their habitat in areas of Terebinto or Guarayos because they will be a great help to control pests, according to biologist Raúl Rojas government autonomous department of Santa Cruz.

Montero is a municipality where production of sugar is very popular and is located 50 kilometers from Santa Cruz, the most prosperous city in Bolivia. There is a thriving production of sugar cane, soy, rice, livestock purposeful production of meat and milk and many other agricultural and agro-industrial activities that energize economic activity in Bolivia and at the same time allows people to live healthily without stress of cities. ‘Como Rural tourism, travel through the towns and countryside, can enjoy the beauty of the landscape and check the friendliness and hospitality of the people. There are also cattle properties that allow visitors to participate in the daily activities of field within the farmhouse, learning to do things manually and rhythm cycle of agricultural and livestock activities of the place.

The visit aims to combine the income Manchego Regiment through the museum and places of military practices and feel the docile boa as a neck scarf, a unique feeling.
After this unique experience will rest on cattle ranches, also passing on a farm breeding ostriches.

Lunch prepared in the El Cidral makes cruceña like traditional cuisine, with churrasco and majadito among several other dishes in Santa Cruz that value in Bolivian kitchen.
The visitor in the El Cidral can participate in the work of dairy farming, either giving food, water livestock and milking. It has more than 100 cows Dutch and Creole breeds. Each cow produces 20 liters of milk a day. In the hacienda you have a system of reproduction by artificial insemination and breeding of livestock confinement.

The ride Montero can ride on horseback into the forest and the crops. Finally it is ready to return to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The cost of the tour includes:

Private transport roundtrip
Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Refreshments during the rides (water and sandwiches)
Tickets to museums and attractions in Sun island, Tiahuanacu, to ships in the Strait of Tiquina, a boat on Lake Titicaca
Depending on visitors, there is a guide in Spanish, French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese.

The cost of the trip excludes:

Mosquito repellent
Sunscreen against sunburn
Hat sunscreen
Waterproof clothing
Alcoholic drinks
Personal hygiene expenses
Individual personal expenses
Telephone communication

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