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Bolivia receives the Andean Amazon New Year 5525 in Samaipata

The dawn of Wednesday 21 st June is celebrated the arrival of the Andean New Year 5,525 Amazon in all Bolivia. Winter Solstice. At the archaeological site of the fort in Samaipata, thousands of people gather to receive the first rays of the sun with their hands in the sky and welcome a new agricultural cycle.

On this occasion an ancient ritual is performed on a table of offering to the Pachachama with a incense. The incense prepared for the ceremonial table has flowers, herbs and food to receive the sun priest. The amautan run the ceremony. Words are given with many thanks, because last year has given us much. There are also words with many requests, because people with a lot of faith want to reicibir positive energies to have a New Year without problems and with Much Happiness and Prosperity. The New Year party celebrates the “return of the sun daddy“.

PASOWEB ecotourism organizes the departure in minibus and in microbus from Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bs. 790 per person in minibus. Bs. 506 Bs per person in microbus. The journey of 126 km from Santa Cruz de la Sierra to the fort of Samaipata, is 100% safe and with a lot of responsibility. Aside from the one-way transportation from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, wait at Samaipata Fort and return to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, also includes the evening snack with punch and coffee. Entrance to the verbena to participate in the celebration of the encounter between cultures. At dawn one climbs to the ceremonial site very close to the rock carved by the ancestors. After breakfast in Samaipata, return to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The price includes the invoice with VAT and IT taxes. You can pay in cash or by credit or debit card at PASOWEB Ecotourism offices. Payments are received until Monday, June 19 at night to secure your place in the minibus and in the microbus.

When you hire the service to go to celebrate the Andean Amazon New Year in Samaipata Fort you get recommendations for the trip. The current site is the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the world precisely because it has always been the meeting place of Mojocoyas, Chanés, Guaraníes, Incas, Spaniards and now the Bolivian and foreign population that will receive the positive energy that brings the first rays of the Sun in Winter.

The departure is the night of Tuesday, June 20 at 20:00 hours from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Encourage … Let’s go to the party of the meeting of Andean-Amazonian cultures  at an altitude of 1950 masl to have the rest of our souls in the heights. To receive positive energies to heal of physical and psychological illnesses, so that the problems are solved, to return renewed until the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. During the trip the naturalist and spiritual guide will guide the meanings of the symbols of the place, ceremony, encounter and ecosystem with a focus on biodiversity in flora and fauna, balance, health and spirituality.

Information on or by cellphone or whatsapp or Telegram or WeChat +591 71662244 +591 75684248 +591 3 – 3228074VOLANTE AÑO NUEVO AYMARA AMAZONICO SAMAIPATA

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