The word Amboró , according to legend, was the name of a chief who became the hill which gave it its name . Currently you can see the Cerro Amboró Amboró within the National Park.

Amboró National Park created in 1984 , covers an area of 636,000 hectares and is located west of the department of Santa Cruz in Bolivia . It includes nine municipalities in the department : Yapacaní , San Carlos , Buena Vista, Comarapa , Mairana , Samaipata , Pampa Grande, El Torno and Porongo .

Amboró National Park is located in the ” Elbow of the Andes” and geologically formed by sandstone mountains , it is easily eroded by high rainfall.

The vegetation cover is all that protects from erosion. Heat and high humidity are constant elements in the area of Amboró National Park, where many insects and butterflies abound magic different colors distract attention from visitors.

The southern part of Amboró National Park crosses the mountains of the Andes in an irregular line , from the Quebrada Surutú in East Siberia to the West.

The camp ” Garden of Delights ” is located in the municipality of El Torno , 32 kilometers from Santa Cruz de la Sierra , 30 km from the village El Torno . ” The Garden of Earthly Delights ” is 740 meters above sea level. The temperature is about 20 ° C warm varies due to the height and physical characteristics of the site . The community and cataracts ” Garden of Delights ” are within the National Integrated Management Area Amboró National Park.

The topography belongs to the province biogográfica closed , more specifically the sub – Andean Santa Cruz and within it to the sub-Andean hills of Santa Cruz . It belongs to the tertiary age , comprising limonite and red argillites Yecua training and sandstones and conglomerates of training Flask . It presents a relief moderately to very dissected hills of irregular arrangement .

The trek is undertaken arriving at camp Garden of Delights runs for a fairly well designed and maintained trail . The community of Garden of Delights has assumed responsibility ecotourism welcoming visitors with rental of pack animals and food guides .

The attractions are the waterfalls Garden of Delights , which is composed by the waters of Surutú River, which forms the falls or tumbles 100 and 85 meters high. The Surutú River is a river in the Amazon basin , which rises in the creek of the same name and flows north- west to merge with the Yapacaní River Heights to form the Yapacaní river.

The Surutú river , due to the geological characteristics of the area form waterfalls up to 100 meters.

The journey to find the Tumbo 1 ( Cataract 1) , located 5 minutes from downtown accommodation, a beautiful waterfall is easily accessible, with a height of 90 meters and a width of 22 meters. It is the attraction visited by some tourists for activities such as rappelling, at the bottom forms a natural pool suitable for swimming. The inner side of the waterfall has a rocky cave presenting lichen , bromeliads characteristics of these rocks .

Following the walk leads to Tumbo 2 ( Waterfall 2). As it follows the course of river Surutú this second waterfall , 195 meters high and 9 meters wide , being the highest form of the place . It is accessed by the top following a path parallel to the river , and can see some small waterfalls along the way.

To observe from the bottom should follow a path that requires a lot of energy , ie , a medium access, which is recommended by the natural pool that is formed , suitable for swimming and the cave that allows walk behind the fall .

Continuing the eco trail leads to the Lira 1 ( Cataract 3). This waterfall is a waterfall within the territory of the Community Lira , hence the name . It has a drop of 100 meters and a width of 11 meters. In this place there are more presence of large rocks , attractive site for photography.

Continuing the walk leads to the Lira 2 ( Waterfall 4). Because following the river from Lira 1, you walk very little to get to observe Lira 2 from the top. Lira cataract 4 or 2 has 40 meters high and 32 meters wide and becomes a rock of great beauty .

All these attractions are complemented harmoniously by the flora and fauna and landscapes seen from the viewpoints .

All this walk up an appetite so that returning to the starting point of the walk, have lunch at the eco- lodge in the community Garden of Delights.

After a break the vehicle takes to return to El Torno first and then to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra having enjoyed a wonderful day in a southern part of Amboró National Park.

The cost of the tour includes :

Private transportation for the round trip
Food (lunch excursion , afternoon snack eco- lodge in the Garden of Delights )
Refreshments during walks (water and fruit)
Visits to tourist attractions mentioned
Interaction with experienced local guide in Amboró National Park, interaction with people of the Intregrated National Management Area of Amboró National Park.
Depending on visitors , there is a guide in Spanish , French , English, German , Dutch, Italian , Portuguese.

The cost of the trip does not include:

Mosquito repellent
Barrier cream against sunburn
Hat sunscreen
Extra shoes up in the event that the first walking shoes get wet or dirty with mud
Socks, towel , swimwear

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