Jawincha cave paintings and the thermal waters of Olca volcano in the municipality of San Pedro de Quemes

Jawincha cave paintings and the thermal waters of Olca volcano in the municipality of San Pedro de Quemes

In 1879, in the Pacific War, the Chilean military invaded Bolivia, entering what is now the Pajancha and Kana (or cane) in the municipality of San Pedro de Quemes cantons. Arriving at the village of San Pedro de Buenavista military burned all the houses making people who survived the tragedy moved to a corner of the city, in what is now called Ikala (or ICALA). After several years, the lack of water in Ikala, the population decided to return to the town of San Pedro to rebuild homes, then they decided to rename the village of San Pedro de Quemes, located on the same hillside village old.

Nor Lipez is a province of Bolivia, located in the west of the department of Potosi. It has an area of 28,187 km² and its capital Kolcha “K” (K bedspread or Villa Martin). One of the largest mines of Bolivia, the San Cristobal mine is located near the town of San Cristobal de Colcha “K”

The rock paintings Jawincha (or Jaguincha) are located in the walls near the plateau of the same name, 22 km from San Pedro de Quemes. The paintings depict men and stylized animals. There are also carved into the rock figures, whose meaning has not been deciphered yet.

Moreover, the Hot Springs Volcano Olca are large pools of hot water with about 1 to 1.5 m deep. The hot springs are located near the road in a wide plain of grasslands and saline lands.

From Uyuni it is proposed to visit in one day the Olca Hot Springs and visit the cave paintings of Jawincha. The trip would be after breakfast in the direction of San Pedro de Quemes to arrive mid-morning and take a typical lunch place. After lunch you will head to the hot springs of Olca order to have a relaxed journey and be able to appreciate the paintings of Jawincha. After these activities will return to Uyuni

The cost of the tour includes:

Private transport or round – trip
or meals (breakfast, lunch)
Snack or during walks (water and fruit)
or visits to tourist attractions mentioned
o Interaction with the locals to take pictures,
o Depending on visitors, there is a guide in Spanish, French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese.

The cost of the trip does not include:
or repellent
or sunblock
or sunscreen Hat
or thick and warm clothes against the cold and wind
Extra running shoes or if they get wet or embarren first walking shoes
or Sox, towel, swimsuit
or rainwear
Implements or to enter the hot springs (swimwear)

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