Rapel – trekking Samaipata

The Rappel and trekking in the legendary mountains of Samaipata allow us to live like the pre-Columbian. In this place called rest in the heights with a clean sky. The water has polished the rock creating beautiful natural pools

You should take a break to the routine. What cold be better than extreme sports as rappel and cannopy? This is the right moment to rest and make the adrenaline flows. Enjoy f our trips and services as rappel this beautiful extreme sport. You also could enjoy of trekking in this beautiful place called samaipata.

This place is perfect to rest and we could find a lot of beautiful fauna and flora. We have a beautiful site to rest in the height, where we could find a lot of vegetation. this beautiful nature will help us to relax and make the adrenaline flows. this beautiful place has a lot of diferent sightseeings.

the cost of the trips includes:
-Private transport
-Meals (lunch and refreshment )
-water and fruit
-Rappel Instructor
-Translator in diferent languages spanish french, english, deutsch, dutch, italian, portuguese.

the cost of the trip exclude:

-sunscreen blocking
-Extra shoes
-Socks and towel
-Waterproofs clothes


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