Rappel in “Jardin de las Delicias”


The word Amboro comes from a leyend about a tribe leader who become in a mountain.
The national park Amboró is in a place called “codo de los Andes” and is formed by mountains of arsenical rocks.

The vegetation cover is all that protects from erosion. Heat and high humidity are constant elements in the area of Amboró National Park, where many insects and butterflies abound magical different colors distract attention from visitors.

The Garden of Earthly Delights camp is located in the municipality of El Torno, 32 kilometers from Santa Cruz de la Sierra and 30 km from the town of El Torno. The Garden of Earthly Delights is 740 meters above the sea level. The temperature is about 20 ° C warm varies due to the height and physical characteristics of the place. Community and waterfalls Garden of Earthly Delights are within the IMNA National Integrated Management Area Amboró National Park.
The trek is undertaken arriving at camp Garden of Earthly Delights runs for a fairly well-designed and maintained trail. The community of Garden of Delights has assumed responsibility ecotourism welcoming visitors with rental pack animals, guides and food.

The tourist attractions are the waterfalls Garden of Earthly Delights which is composed by the waters of Surutú River, which forms the falls or tumbles 100 and 85 meters high. The Surutú River is a river in the Amazon basin, which originates in the gorge of the same name and flows to the north west to its confluence with the River Heights Yapacaní to form the Yapacaní river.

The journey to find the Tumbo 1 (Waterfall 1), located 5 minutes from downtown lodging, is a beautiful waterfall easily accessible, with a height of 90 meters and a width of 22 meters. It is the attraction visited by some tourists for activities such as rappelling, at the bottom forms a natural pool suitable for bathing. The inner side of the waterfall has a rocky cave presents lichens, bromeliads characteristics of these rocks.
Following the walk gets you to Tumbo 2 (Waterfall 2). Since it following the course of the river Surutú this second waterfall, 60 meters high and 9 meters wide, being the highest of the place is formed. It is accessed by the top following a path parallel to the river, and can see some small waterfalls along the way.
To observe from the bottom should follow a path that requires a lot of energy, ie, a medium access, which is recommended by the natural pool that is formed, suitable for swimming and the cave that allows walk behind the fall .
Continuing the eco trail leads to the Lira 1 (Waterfall 3). This waterfall is a waterfall within the territory of the Community Lira, hence the name. It has a drop of 100 meters and a width of 11 meters. Here there is more presence of large rocks, attractive site for photography.

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