Relax and Adventure in Oruro. Enjoy hot springs and horseback riding in the landscapes of Oruro (1 day)

In the highlands of the department of Oruro near the city of Oruro you can enjoy moments of adventure and relaxation. A horse riding is a very exciting and fun activity. This activity can be performed near Oruro. After the exercise in time for adventure, you take a bath in the hot springs to remove stress from the body.

23 km from the city of Oruro, is Paria.  Paria is one of the first towns, even before Bolivia was founded. Before the Spanish conquest, Paria became a place that connected the valley with the central highlands to exchange products.

Paria was founded 1535 by Captain Juan de Saavedra who was part of the Spanish expedition army, commanded by Diego de Almagro, on his way from Peru, crossed by the current territory of Bolivia, with the aim of discover the southern lands that are Chile today.

The main attraction in Paria is its colonial church. The church is beautiful for its history and architectural content. On December 7, 1967, the church was declared a “National Monument”.

Dairy triangle between Paria, Caracollo and Caihuasi has large areas of wetlands, grasslands, camelid livestock production, production of fattening cattle, vegetable production. This ecosystem surround Cotochullpa estate

Alvaro Castellon Condarco established in the Cotochullpa Finca is the eldest son of the family Condarco Castellon, dedicated to farming and milk production. But his favorite passion is nurturing and caring of their horses. 2012 he fulfilled his dream of reaching the Sucre city to participate in the parade in honor of the heroine Juana Azurduy de Padilla mounted in his horse.

The activity of riding a horse is a proposal for the tourist.

There are still very sensitive people who love and appreciate horses. Horses and dogs help man to survive and dominate nature.

The history shows us that horses were energy, the strength of the wheel. The wheel was developed, to become the key component of cars, thanks to the horse. Without the energy of the horses, the man would have taken a long time more, to imagine and invent the locomotive and motor.

Currently, due to the excessive use of motor vehicles, horses are not used as energy and vital necessity, but they are used as a sign of vanity and economic power. The activity of riding horses to roam the landscape are slowly disappearing. The cause of this disappearance is the growth of urban centers, Garbage and pollution of the engines.

The Cotochullpa farm is a estate approximately 25 km from the Oruro city and two kilometers from the hot springs of Obrajes.

In Cotochullpa farm horse racing activity is practiced. Actually Cotochullpa is the first equestrian club in Oruro which has its own activities. This place invites the people from Oruro city and foreign lovers of this sport to have an exciting and nice experience

Tourist complex Obrajes has a hot springs pool, Individual and Family pools that allow therapy sessions with the healing waters. The complex is located on the way to the department of Cochabamba has a guest house with all amenities and services.

Two kilometers from Cotochullpa are the Obrajes hot springs. Obrajes hot springs are rich in minerals such as sulfur, potassium, magnesium and iron, have healing and therapeutic powers. Obrajes  is an ideal place to enjoy the hot springs and relax after everyday activities.

One becomes free from any stress after a stay in the hot springs of Obrajes.

The adventure begins, leading the journey to the historic village of Paria located approximately 20 km from the city of Oruro. In Paria, we will visit the colonial church to remember the colonial past of the region. The ecosystem permit us recognize the productive activity of dairy triangle Oruro. Then we go to the Cotochullpa Finca. We have an exciting morning of Horse Riding in the highlands of Oruro. After the exciting adventure comes relaxation through bathing in the hot springs of Obrajes.

El costo del paseo incluye:

Private Transport
Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Refreshments during the rides (water and fruit)
Tickets for the mentioned places for visiting
Depending on visitors, there is a guide in Spanish, French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese

El costo del paseo excluye:

Cap sun protection
Zapatos de marcha
Medias, toalla, traje de baño
Alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages
Personal expenses

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