Sandboarding- trekking – Observation of Flora and Fauna in “Lomas de Arena”

The “Lomas de Arena” are in the south of Santa Cruz de la Sierra city. The “lomas de arena” are sand humps which are near to Santa cruz de la Sierra city. Around these sand mounds receiving water ponds in the rainy season form. These waters are natural water fountains for migratory birds that rest in this protected area.
The “lomas de arena” is a protected regional park, since 1991 by biólogist Noel Kempff Mercado.
The regional park “Lomas de Arena” shows the traditional rainforest from Santa cruz and natural sabanas which have a lot of different fauna and flora species like opossums, carachupas, anteaters, sloths, monkeys, meleros, foxes, jochis, and more than 12 species of bats.
In this beautiful Reginal Park “Lomas de Arena” exist more than 208 species of plants like: toborochi, tajibo, curupaú, motacú, totaí and a lot of species of cactus.
The fun of Sandboarding allow us to slide us uppon the sand and enjoy the wind and the nature. This beautiful extreme sport make us feel free and good. this is one o the most amazing sports in the world enjoy it here with pasoweb

the cost of the trips includes:
-Private transport
-Meals (lunch andr efreshment )
-water and fruit
-Rappel Instructor
-Translator in diferent languages spanish french, english, deutsch, dutch, italian, portuguese.

the cost of the trip exclude:

-sunscreen blocking
-Extra shoes
-Socks and towel
-Waterproofs clothes

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