Superb Stone Tree and Laguna Colorada in South Lipez within the Municipality of Uyuni

Superb Stone Tree and Laguna Colorada in South Lipez within the Municipality of Uyuni

Siloli Desert is located before the entrance of the National Reserve of Andean Fauna Eduardo Abaroa southwest of Bolivia, in the department of Potosi, in Plurinational State of Bolivia.
Stone tree has a height of 5 meters and its particular appearance is the element that gives interest. It is visited at any time of day, length of stay is up to half an hour, time that is used to take some photographs, the only planned activity.

The Laguna Colorada is a breeding place for Andean pink flamingos. There are huge numbers of flamingos, which migrate to the Laguna Colorada, attracted by its mineral-rich waters.
The Laguna Colorada is located within the National Reserve of Andean Fauna Eduardo Avaroa, Bolivia, on the Altiplano Potosi. The dimensions of the Laguna Colorada is 10.7 km long and 9.6 km wide with an area of 54 square kilometers and an average depth of 35 cm.

The Laguna Colorada is considered an Andean-saline lagoon tall, also it contains borax islands in the northeast and southeast sectors. It has a coastal perimeter of 35 kilometers.
From Uyuni it is proposed visit in one day the Laguna Colorada and the Stone Tree. The day begins very early after breakfast. Subsequently the trip to Laguna Colorada is undertaken. Amid the trip a little break to take a mid-morning snack is made. Arriving at the Laguna Colorada is a place where a delicious typical lunch dish place. After lunch you will enjoy the splendid view of the Laguna Colorada with pink flamingos taking a reddish at evening. After the visit to the Laguna Colorada is directed towards the journey to the majestic tree in the desert Stone Siloli. After you take the journey back to Uyuni.

The cost of the tour includes:

Private transport or round – trip
or meals (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch)
Refreshments during walks or (sandwich, water and fruit)
or visits to tourist attractions mentioned
o Interaction with the locals to take pictures
o Depending on visitors, there is a guide in Spanish, French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese.

 The cost of the trip does not include:
or repellent
or sunblock
or sunscreen Hat
or thick and warm clothes against the cold and wind
Extra running shoes or if they get wet or embarren first walking shoes
or Sox
or rainwear


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