Daily life in the cities, with the current problems arising from commitments, deadlines, schedules leads to a state of stress that could go into a depression if the problems continue. Stress is shown in nervousness, fear, trembling, restlessness, anxiety and repeated discussions in interpersonal relationships.

A relaxing picnic on farms can help to improve health.

From 17 km to 27 km from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra , 400 meters above the sea level, is raising cattle ranches with cattle for milk production and horse breeding . While the roads are not asphalt , you get to the cattle property by dirt trails . Veterinary care to animals and tasks to provide food , are activities that make you forget the daily activities of the city and cause health problems linked to stress.

The entrance to the farm also allows the visitor to delight in poultry chickens Peacock and living with wild birds American rhea and Serere who remained as pets on the farm.

The peaceful life of cattle is also interesting.

The walk starts a day on a farm milking milk for delivery to the market of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. After this countryside , it goes along the roads of the city of Santa Cruz to reach the cattle ranches that are located around the city center and reaches properties of horses and cattle. Amid the ride is breeding farms poultry , particularly chickens for feeding the population of Santa Cruz de la Sierra .

Within farms you can ride horses and walk around the property . You can also learn the management of cattle , according to age : Calves , bullocks , heifers , bulls and cows rest on the green fields and gather at lunchtime at the feeders balanced feed and water troughs

All these walks and tours, in the countryside , opens the appetite and then at noon a good meal typical lunch in one of the ranches .

To visit in the afternoon there are dairy farms also milk the cows .

If time of vaccination or marking of animals , visitors can participate in these own country life dynamics.

After a short break and a stroll through the farm`s rooms, or even ride a horse , you are ready to return to the center of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra .

The cost of the tour includes :

Private transportation for the round trip
Food (breakfast, lunch)
Refreshments during walks ( ” ambrosia ” , water and fruit )
Visits to tourist attractions mentioned
Interaction with the locals for taking photographs , walks, country life.
Depending on visitors , there is a guide in Spanish , French , English, German , Dutch, Italian , Portuguese.

The cost of the trip does not include:

Mosquito repellent
Sunscreen sunburn
Hat sunscreen
Extra shoes up in the event that the first walking shoes get wet or dirty with mud
Socks, towel

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